In the spotlight: HOWTO: Move your iTunes music while preserving library data (when you don't let iTunes manage your music library)

Great story on CNN about the iPhone Doctor. He drives around on his motorcycle doing house calls to fix peoples iPhones. Also has people lined up out his door for appointments! If you are handy at fixing iPhones, then maybe you can make a few extra bucks…like $75 a pop!


iPod Language Translator

iPod has already made traveling easier and millions of people are able to take advantage of the numerous uses the iPod gives us. People are able to carry music, photos, movies, and digital voice recordings anywhere we go. To add to these many uses traveling to foreign countries and learning a new language is now even simpler. There are several software packages available to iPod users that allow them to see and hear phrases in foreign languages. Read the rest of this entry »


iPod Hi-Fi: No Need for a Stereo Anymore

No need for a stereo anymore. The iPod Hi-Fi produces stereo quality sound from your iPod. The iPod slides easily into the universal dock and you can easily find your favorite songs. The iPod Hi-Fi also takes the place of the home stereo system, as you are able to fill your home with excellent sound.

This system even comes with a remote control for music wherever you are in the room. The Hi-Fi also charges your iPod while you listen to music. Another great feature of the Hi-Fi is that you can take it anywhere. The Hi-Fi can be taken anywhere ? even outdoors. The Hi-Fi uses a D-cell battery pack to provide music at the park, lake or in the backyard. Read the rest of this entry »

Given that the music and media industry is seriously cracking down on copyright infringement and online piracy of copyrighted material this has meant that a great deal of content on the likes of YouTube are being removed for alleged breaches of copyright law. Because of this, it maybe a good idea to convert your favorite YouTube videos into the format which will allow you to view them on your iPod. Of course, converting YouTube videos for viewing on an iPod will also allow the user to watch their favorite videos in their own time and at their convenience rather than having to gain access to a PC with internet access in order to access the site. Read the rest of this entry »

If you wonder ‘where can I buy an ipod mini’ and even save a few bucks, there are two places you should consider first…

Amazon and Ebay.

I am an Amazon fan and buy lots of stuff there because it’s easy and I use their Amazon Prime feature which is perfect for my lifesystyle.

So, to answer your question Where can I buy an ipod mini online? Just go to


Details of Video MP3 Player

The dimension of certain media players has shrunk to the detail that you be able to at present bring your? beloved films or videos in your back pouch! There is no hesitation about it the video mp3 players has modified the media world everlasting.

If you have showed for the video mp3 player, you have maybe been besieged at the possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »

What is a podcast? A podcast is a multimedia file that an iPod user can receive through a paid or free subscription over the Internet. The podcast uses syndication feeds or ?RSS feeds.? They can be played back on your iPod, mp3 player or personal computer. The podcast has been around since 2000 and by 2003 regular podcasts were being broadcasted across the web.

Podcasting is a version of ?push technology? which allows the subscriber to choose feed channels. The multimedia files are transferred from a server to a client, which pulls XML files containing Internet address of the available media files. These files may contain audio, video, images, text, PDF and other file types. Read the rest of this entry »


Spawn iPhone and iPod Touch Application

A friend of ours just created a very cool application that works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s called Spawn, and it’s currently #19 in the US, #18 in Canada and #38 in the UK for applications sold.

There are 248 reviews on iTunes, with an average of 4 stars…should be 5. You can see the iPhone and iPod Touch application and the reviews here. Read the rest of this entry »

Noise from personal music players is a routine annoyance for travelers on buses, trains and planes.

But it also threatens permanent hearing loss for as many as 10 million Europeans who use them, according to a scientific study for the European Union that is due to be published Monday.

The report said that those who listened for only five hours a week at high-volume settings exposed themselves to more noise than permitted in the noisiest factory or workplace. Maximum volume on some devices can generate as much noise as an airplane taking off nearby. Read the rest of the story.

Kindle, an ebook reader created by has another feature. It can play music.

Imagine reading your favorite fiction or non fiction book while listening to your favorite music.

According this post the Kindle can play music by going to Menu>Experimental>Play Music OR by selecting {ALT P} on the keyboard.
Selecting {ALT P} a second time will stop the music.