iPod Language Translator

iPod has already made traveling easier and millions of people are able to take advantage of the numerous uses the iPod gives us. People are able to carry music, photos, movies, and digital voice recordings anywhere we go. To add to these many uses traveling to foreign countries and learning a new language is now even simpler. There are several software packages available to iPod users that allow them to see and hear phrases in foreign languages. Continue reading

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Watch Youtube Videos On Your iPod

Given that the music and media industry is seriously cracking down on copyright infringement and online piracy of copyrighted material this has meant that a great deal of content on the likes of YouTube are being removed for alleged breaches of copyright law. Because of this, it maybe a good idea to convert your favorite YouTube videos into the format which will allow you to view them on your iPod. Of course, converting YouTube videos for viewing on an iPod will also allow the user to watch their favorite videos in their own time and at their convenience rather than having to gain access to a PC with internet access in order to access the site. Continue reading

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How To Put Music On An iPod — The Basics

Here’s how to put music on an ipod. If you have purchased an Apple iPod and are struggling to come to grips with how it works then you can breathe a deep sigh of relief because this article will help give you all the information you need to get the most out of your iPod.

One of the most commonly asked questions (surprisingly) submitted by people who have recently bought an Apple iPod is: “how to put music on an ipod?” In order to use your iPod to its fullest capacity you need to ensure that you download a software application known as “Apple iTunes.” This is a totally free application which can be downloaded from the following link http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

iPods typically come with iTunes pre-installed on a CD-ROM, however the problem here is that the version of iTunes stored on the CD-ROM is not always the latest version and the chances are that if you do not use the latest version you will get the following dialogue box quite frequently: Continue reading

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Podcasts on Your iPod

What is a podcast? A podcast is a multimedia file that an iPod user can receive through a paid or free subscription over the Internet. The podcast uses syndication feeds or “RSS feeds.” They can be played back on your iPod, mp3 player or personal computer. The podcast has been around since 2000 and by 2003 regular podcasts were being broadcasted across the web.

Podcasting is a version of push technology which allows the subscriber to choose feed channels. The multimedia files are transferred from a server to a client, which pulls XML files containing Internet address of the available media files. These files may contain audio, video, images, text, PDF and other file types. Continue reading

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Open Source MP3 Player and iPod Battery-Pack Recharger: Make Your Own!

The following two very cool products/projects are from Make Magazine. A very highly recommended magazine for the DIY’ers.

Can’t find an open source MP3 player? Continue reading

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How To Restore An Ipod That Isn’t Detected In Itunes Or Windows…

The video below may be helpul to you if you have experienced a problem where Windows or Itunes does not detect your Ipod.
Continue reading

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HOW TO: Move your iTunes music while preserving library data (when you don’t let iTunes manage your music library)

iTunes desktop iconIt all depends on whether or not you let iTunes manage your music library:
* If you do, then moving your music while preserving library data (playlists, play counts, etc.) is pretty trivial and documentation provided by Apple has got you covered (check “*Part 1*” in the guide that follows).
* If you *don’t* (which is the user group I belong to), things are a bit harder, and instructions on the Internet are pretty rare to find (took a lot of Googlin’). It’s basically a two-part process.

Before we begin, let me state the obvious — keep backups (besides your music, don’t forget the library files — XML, ITL, etc.), more than one if possible. If after following my instructions something goes wrong and your music files and/or library are messed up, I shouldn’t be held responsible. Follow the instructions at your own risk, etc. For what it’s worth, I did what I’m describing here a couple of days ago and it worked without a hitch.

*UPDATE*: It’s also important to *note* that this definitely works with iTunes 6 (the version that was current when writing this HOWTO). Numerous reports in the comments though, indicate that it also works with versions 7,8 “and 9”:http://hifiblog.com/past/2006/05/11/howto-move-your-itunes-music-while-preserving-library-data-when-you-dont-let-itunes-manage-your-music-library/#comment-100721.

So, with this out of the way: Continue reading

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