How To Put Music On An iPod — The Basics

Here’s how to put music on an ipod. If you have purchased an Apple iPod and are struggling to come to grips with how it works then you can breathe a deep sigh of relief because this article will help give you all the information you need to get the most out of your iPod.

One of the most commonly asked questions (surprisingly) submitted by people who have recently bought an Apple iPod is: “how to put music on an ipod?” In order to use your iPod to its fullest capacity you need to ensure that you download a software application known as “Apple iTunes.” This is a totally free application which can be downloaded from the following link

iPods typically come with iTunes pre-installed on a CD-ROM, however the problem here is that the version of iTunes stored on the CD-ROM is not always the latest version and the chances are that if you do not use the latest version you will get the following dialogue box quite frequently:

itunes download

(Please note that at the time of this article being written that 8.2.1 is the latest version of iTunes. If you do not have the latest version of iTunes you will receive a dialogue that is precisely the same although the number specified as the version number maybe different.)

itunes songs

If you look at the above screenshot you will see that the Music option is highlighted (indicated by the grey marker). Music is where all of your music is stored whether the songs are individual tracks or full albums. Underneath the “Devices” heading you should see the name “tony1’s iPod” which is the name of my iPod. Again, in all likeliness the name that you see in your iTunes will most likely be different and the screenshot is only intended to serve as a reference guide. You will always find the iPod that is currently connected to the PC under the Devices heading.

In order to transfer music onto the iPod (again whether this is single tracks or entire albums) all you need to do is select the relevant song(s) (you will know that they have been selected when you see that they have a blue border around them as plainly seen in the 2nd image for the Garrison, NJ song) and then drag them onto the iPod currently connected to the PC.

This method is as equally valid and applicable to all forms of iPods. It is also possible to purchase music directly from the iTunes store and is extremely easy to do. If you already know in advance what song(s) you wish to add to your iPod then you may want to use the “1-click” facility which will mean that as soon as you click on a button to confirm your purchase, your account will have the price deducted and the song is then downloaded to your iTunes library. As soon as any music enters your iTunes library, it is ready to be transferred onto the iPod itself and the process involved for this has been outlined above.

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