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Tim Schaaff leaves Apple for Sony to work on revamping the company’s software

Tim SchaaffSchaff, who managed the development of Apple’s QuickTime platform (among other things) while at Apple, ”...has been appointed to the newly-created position of Senior Vice President of Software Development, effective immediately.”

The quotes from CEO, Howard Stinger and Executive VP and Office in Charge of Technology Strategy, Keiji Kimura mean that someone at Sony realized what a critical role software plays (in helping push hardware sales). Schaaf’s role is to lead the development of a “a unified, intuitive Sony ‘look and feel’ to user interfaces and functionality” across Sony’s entire product line. A difficult task for sure, but one that couldn’t take any further procrastination.

For more Stinger/Sony news, you may want to check the notes from his CBS “60 Minutes” interview, or BusinessWeek’s recap of what the man has done in his first year as Sony’s CEO.

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