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Preview: Creative MuVo S200

Creative MuVo S200 (1GB)Bye-bye scrollwheel, hello quad-directional joystick—Creative decided to change things a bit in their MuVo line. Question though: how is a leftie supposed to use this?

Now, to more changes: the 96×36-pixel screen is now a PLED (similar to the more expensive OLED in terms of performance but worse when it comes to battery life). The device now comes with DRM 9 support, working happily with tracks from online music stores (not subscription services). In typical MuVo fashion, one AAA battery can keep it going for 17 hours—and there’s FM radio and FM/voice recording too. The device comes in three capacities (256MB/512MB/1GB) and an equal number of colours (blue/silver/purple). Expected soon.

Have a look at the product’s page on Creative’s site, or a few more pictures over at CNET Asia.

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