Watch Youtube Videos On Your iPod

Given that the music and media industry is seriously cracking down on copyright infringement and online piracy of copyrighted material this has meant that a great deal of content on the likes of YouTube are being removed for alleged breaches of copyright law. Because of this, it maybe a good idea to convert your favorite YouTube videos into the format which will allow you to view them on your iPod. Of course, converting YouTube videos for viewing on an iPod will also allow the user to watch their favorite videos in their own time and at their convenience rather than having to gain access to a PC with internet access in order to access the site.

People are concerned that they will fall foul of copyright law if they convert videos from YouTube for use on their iPod but these concerns are totally unfounded so long as two conditions (contained and clearly stated within the Terms of Service of the YouTube site) are satisfied which are as follows:

  • That the videos so extracted and converted are for individual, personal usage only and will not be distributed to others.
  • If there are any copyright notices contained within the files, these remain unaltered.
  • Another concern expressed by iPod users is that they worried about how much they will have to pay for the privilege of converting the videos for viewing on their iPods…the answer (and make sure you are sitting down before reading this!) is: nothing! That’s right, no fees, no monthly subscriptions no lawsuits. This is because there are a number of free services that can be readily downloaded from the internet.

If you own a PC and you have a copy of iTunes installed on it then you are advised to ensure that you make use of “iTube” which is a media converter program that will enable the user to convert the video into any number of different file formats.

If you own a Mac and you have a copy of iTunes installed on it then you should make use of Podtube. Please be advised that if you do intend to use Podtube you will need to be aware that this is only compatible with Safari.

It is also possible to download music from the p2p (peer to peer) software application Limewire. However the internet user who uses this method of acquiring music should be very cautious indeed because sadly a great deal of the material which is stored on Limewire has been infected by viruses and Trojan horses. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you download and make use of an effective anti-virus program.

Please note that iPods are only compatible with the following media formats: MP4 and H.264 video and so if you download a Limewire video that is not one of these formats then you will have to convert it. However, please do not use iTunes to convert your video files because not only will you suffer a massive drop in quality but the videos will also lose their sound as well! Your best bet is to use the Aimersoft iPod Video Converter.

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